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We offer the best NOS (New Old Stock) and replacement parts available. Our specialty is classic and vintage Volkswagen cars. We are VW drivers and we have a simple credo when choosing parts for sale on our site - Is this a part we would install on our own personal vehicle? If the answer is yes, then we will sell in on germansupply.com. If the answer is no, it does not go on our site. There are plenty of online vendors selling parts at the lowest price and the lowest quality. Our parts are all OE quality or better, and tested by us. We have both new and used parts and our web site represents only a small portion of what we have available. If you're looking for something that you can't find in our store, please let us know.


Order Status

Please log into your account for order status and tracking information. If you cannot find what you are looking for, send us an email.



We know it is important to get parts reliably and quickly. Please select your shipping method when you checkout. Customers in the Greater Toronto Area are welcome to choose the "Pickup" option and contact us to make arrangements. If you have any special shipping requests, please let us know about them before checking out.

If your order includes items that are not in stock, you can choose to split your order into multiple shipments, or hold your entire order until all items are available for shipping. Items not in stock may take up to four weeks for shipping. We will advise you of the shipping status of all items when you place your order.


About our Kits

We specialize in service and repair kits for your vintage vehicle. Most of the kits we offer are made to order, meaning we assemble the kit upon receipt of your order. This means that orders containing kits will not be ready to ship until the kits are assembled. Kits are often made from components we source from many different manufacturers and suppliers. We do our best to keep all kit components in stock at all times but this is not always possible. We appreciate your patience in cases where we have kit production delays because of material availability. If you have a very time-sensitive project requiring a kit product, please email or telephone for availability.


Used Parts

Some of the parts we offer are used. In most cases used parts are offered when new are not available. Our used parts are inspected and will be free of significant defects, but may have dirt or minor wear. Used parts may require cleaning or refinishing at the customer's discretion. In every case used parts will be free of defects which impair their usefulness as a replacement part. In other words, our used parts are "Good Used".


Shipments To The USA

For the fastest service, choose Canada Post Express. For more economical shipping cost, choose Canada Post Ground.

Express shipments are guaranteed by Canada Post/USPS to arrive anywhere in the continental USA within 5 business days.

Ground shipments have an expected delivery time of 5 to 9 business days. Ground shipments are not guaranteed by Canada Post/USPS as far as deliviery time.

Overnight shipments are available on telephone orders only. We are happy to expedite orders to customers who need their parts in a hurry. With the recent rises in fuel surcharges, the only way we can accurately price overnight service is on a per instance basis. We ship overnight orders by FedEx or Purolator Courier. If you need you order overnight, please place it by telephone.


Shipments To Hawaii, Puerto Rico & Alaska

Shipments to USA territories outside the continental USA take longer to arrive than within the continental boundaries. Shipments to Hawaii from Canada that are shipped by ground services will be sent by boat, which takes approximately 3 weeks. Air shipments to Hawaii will be subject to a minimum of 15.00 freight surcharge, since our freight carriers charge us additional fees (above continental USA rates) to ship air parcels to Hawaii.


Shipments Outside North America

We are happy to ship anywhere in the world. Our shopping cart does not calculate overseas shipping accurately however and in some cases customers who place web orders for overseas shipping may be required to pay a small additional charge for overseas shipping. If this applies to your order, you will be informed after you place your order, usually within 24 hours.

Express shipments are sent Air with tracking. Delivery times vary with destination, and are usually within 5 business days.

Small Packet Int'l Small Packet International services are affordable for overseas destinations such as Europe and Asia. Weights over 2kg are sent by SHIP and typically arrive arrive within 20 business days. Packages weighing under 2kg will be sent Small Packet Air and arrive in approximately 10 business days. Small Packet Air shipments are not trackable and shipping times are not guaranteed. We do not permit Paypal funded orders to be shipped by Small Packet Air due to Paypal's lack of protection for sellers if the shipment takes a long time to arrive. If you choose Small Packet International service for overseas shipments you must pay with a credit card.

Overnight shipments are not available on web orders shipped overseas. We will be happy to ship overseas orders overnight, but such orders must be placed by email or telephone.

International Surface Surface for international shipments to locations like Europe, Asia and Australia travel by ship. This is the most economical service to overseas destinations, but it can be very slow. For example, surface international shipments can take 8 weeks or longer to arrive if the destination is Asia or Australia, and surface shipments do not carry a service guarantee, so if the shipment takes 10 weeks to arrive, there is no recourse for a claim with the postal service. Please be aware - if you are a customer in Asia or Australasia, and you specify surface shipping, that delivery will likely be at least a month and can be over 2 months.



Our website uses Canadian Dollars as the currency. Your shopping cart will show a price in $US also. The $US Dollar amounts are generated automatically by the shopping cart software (using the foreign exchange rates published at www.xe.com) and are for comparison and convenience. For online purchases, the exact amount charged to your credit card is determined not by our website, but by your credit card issuer. For example if your order total is $CAD 100.00, our merchant services company, Elavon, makes a request for $100.00 $CAD from your credit card issuer, and at that instant the conversion is done and you card is billed according to the credit card issuers exchange rate at that moment in time. On an order of $CAD 100.00, there may be a discrepancy of one or two dollars between the website amount in $US dollars and the actual amount billed to your credit card.



We take special pride in our packaging. All orders are packed carefully by the principals of the company and we are proud of our successful shipping record. We re-use packaging materials, so most orders will arrive to you in cartons that we ourselves have received from our suppliers. This helps us keep our costs low, and makes environmental good sense.


Core Policy

Some items we sell depend on a supply of good rebuildable cores. These items include some starter motors, alternators, generators, brake calipers and trailing arms. Core charges are applied to the selling price of the part at the time of payment and the actual core amount is indicated in the product description. Core charge will be refunded to you upon receipt of your good rebuildable core. Rebuildable cores may not be disassembled or damaged in any way. For example, if you take a generator apart to inspect it before sending to us, it is not a good core. If you receive your new parts in a new manufacturers cardboard carton, for example Air Flow Meters or Starters, please return the core in the box it came in. Shipping cost for cores is the customer's responsibility.

If you order parts that require core returns, please take the time to send us back your cores. In some cases we have chronic shortage of cores and we need them to keep the parts in stock.


Returns and Refunds

Germansupply.com does not accept returns for any products unless:

  • The product is damaged.
  • The product does not match your order.

If you need to return a product, notify us of your refund request within 21 days of the original sale. Germansupply.com will provide the necessary service to assist and resolve any delivery issues to your satisfaction. We will process all refund requests promptly — within several business days of receipt of returned goods. You will be informed by e-mail of the resolution of your request. Shipping costs for returns are paid by the buyer. We do not use RMA numbers at this time, just email or telephone for return instructions.

There are no returns on electrical parts or parts that have been installed or modified in any manner. Any goods returned must be in original unopened packaging and condition. Goods in opened, partially opened or tampered packages will not be accepted for merchandise return.

Above all, if you are not satisfied with your purchase please contact us as soon as possible and we will do our utmost to make it right.

Goods returned are subject to a 15% restocking charge. We may waive the restocking charge at our discretion.

Merchandise returns, core returns and parts for repair or rebuild are sent to:


3043 Lake Shore Blvd. West

Etobicoke, ON

M8V 1K5




Shipping Core and other Returns back to germansupply.com

For US and International customers - please use the postal service for your core or merchandise returns. Please do not use UPS. Please use a postal service option that includes tracking. For some shipments you will be required to fill out a US Customs declaration form. This form should be filled out with accurate value, either the core value in the case of a core, or the value of the items being returned. if you need assistance filling out this form please contact us.


Order Cancellation

You may cancel an order if it has not shipped, with the following conditions:

  • You must pay a 15% processing fee. This fee is to cover our credit card processing fees. On canceled orders we still have to pay our credit card processing fee and percentage of the order amount.
  • You must notify us by email before the order has shipped.

If you have chosen to pick up and pay for your items at our shop, and have not paid by credit card, we may waive the cancellation fee at our discretion.